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Attorney recruitment

Tillman, Hadley, Yerrick & Hibbert LLP’s culture reinforces the respect we feel for our attorneys by giving them substantial responsibility, close working relationships with clients
and partners, state-of-the-art support and a long-term commitment to their professional development. The result of this unique combination of sophisticated practice, intellectually charged atmosphere and people-oriented culture is a group of attorneys who are excited
about the firm.

We have for some time maintained a 1:1 ratio of partners to associates, a ratio that has allowed our associates to take on substantial responsibility almost immediately and has avoided the kind of hierarchical assignment structure that often prevails at more "leveraged" firms.

Given the nature of our practice and, in particular, the absence of repetitive, standardized transactions and matters, we train associates to be complete, well-rounded lawyers as opposed to specialists in subparts of particular transactions or matters; in short, we try to develop in each of our associates the skills necessary to become a partner in our firm.

Our small size and unusual partner-to-associate ratio also give each associate the opportunity to work directly with partners in an informal and non-structured atmosphere that encourages hands-on training and the development of close working relationships among lawyers of the firm and with clients.

In view of our size and structure, our associates are all offered the opportunity to take on meaningful responsibilities very early on in their careers and thus quickly allows them to become highly valued members of small teams working directly with clients; as a result, competition or "one-upmanship" among associates has never been a problem - a true team spirit prevails.

We prize independent thinking and creativity in our associates; our relatively small size and unusual structure are designed to create an engaging, high-energy atmosphere in which
those traits will develop and flourish.

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Non-legal recruitment

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